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Exploding the Myth—Relationships do NOT “Just Happen” They are Created
I hear it over and over. When people get into a relationship—any type of relationship—both men and women say, "This is so wonderful, I can’t believe it’s happening to me.” When they’re not seeing anybody, they say. "I wish it would happen for me.” And when they break up, they say, "I can’t believe this happened to me.” What a bunch of baloney. See, when somebody says "it’s happening,” what they’re really doing is, leaving their outcomes up to random chance. In other words, they’re perfectly willing to let someone else control their own outcomes. What if, instead of waiting around, hoping and praying for something to "happen” you were literally able to snap your fingers and "make it happen” at will? How great would that be? See, the truth of the matter is, you can.

Attraction, relationships, passion can all be created just by following a simple formula.” As much as we’d like to believe in the "magic” of relationships, the truth of the matter is, they are governed by a "biological code” present in all men and women. But modern society in cahoots with the popular media has suppressed that code and tried to replace it with this nonsense of dating, romance, and courting. Yet it still governs all our actions, and knowing and understanding that there is a code, literally allows us to create relationships at will. It’s simply a part of survival of the species. Look at what happens in all those nature shows you see on TV. No matter the animal, they all have a code that "creates relationships” (however brief) between the male and female of the species. We humans are no different, except in one aspect: we have created a society that actively represses that code, especially in men.

Stavros A (DJ Gosh Fire) Article Writer (Sex & Relationships, Health, Fitness, Music Marketing)

Source: http://socyberty.com/relationships/exploding-the-mythrelationships/
Category: My articles | Added by: DJGoshFire (2012-08-21) | Author: Stavros E W
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