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What I’ve discovered is, there’s a myth about men in the popular media. There’s a myth that all men want to do is sleep with a bunch of women, to hit it and quit it, to use‘em and lose them. Makes for a nice story in the media—but it ain’t true. What is true is that just about every man I’ve talked to or communicated with wants to meet that one special woman with a few fun adventures along the way. The unspoken thing is, he also wants to keep that one special woman happy—because if she’s not happy, then he will not be as well. And that’s the thing. Most men just want to have a happy, sexy woman in their lives, a woman who adores them and has eyes for them and only them. Sadly, few men have that. Why? Because they don’t know the one big secret. And the one big secret is the key. When you know it, you control all your outcomes with women for life. When you don’t, you have no control. I have done a research on this things and my purpose is to share this with other men so that they will find out the truth in what women are basically looking for in a man. And guess what? The point I’m trying to make is this: it doesn’t matter who you are, what you look like, how old you are, your race, nationality, or past failures with women. What matters is that you know it and you use it.
In all likelihood you to consider me as a credentialed Expert in this field if you were searching on the internet for information relating to attracting women. Maybe you were searching for how to pick up women… or how to date women… or how to attract women…or how to meet women… or how to date muscular women or multiple women… or any other variety and combination of search terms. But it doesn’t matter. What we as men really want is to just be in control of our outcomes with women. We want predictability. We want understanding. We want women to make us feel great. And when you know and use the one big secret, you will finally have all of those. Now, notice I say "know and use.” Knowing and using are two different things. Knowledge is NOT power. Accurate knowledge correctly applied is power, and the application can be a lot harder than the knowing. That being said, however, this one big secret is NOT difficult to implement. Does it take a while to master? Sure, like anything worth knowing does. But it’s a heck of a lot easier to master AND a heck of a lot more fun than anything
you may have learned in high school or college. And because it’s so much fun, you’ll learn it much faster too. Here’s the cool thing: when you start implementing this secret, when you start getting results with it, it will just start to "feel natural.” The sad truth is, men have been brainwashed into failing with women, and this secret simply resets your "natural attraction”
abilities. So, enough of this build up. Let’s get to it. I’m going to finally reveal the one big secret, then we’ll talk about implementation. Here it is at last, the one big secret to attraction: women make decisions about men based on how they feel about you in the moment. And those internal female feelings are based on one thing: external male behavior. So, if you behave in away that creates those internal feelings that signal she’s attracted to you, she will be.
If you behave in a way that signals she’s not attracted to you, she will be. And here’s the real lynchpin: your behavior is100% in your control. So if you don’t like the decisions women are making about you, all you have to do is change your behavior. You stop behaving an unattractive manner, and start behaving in an attractive manner. That’s it. In other words, you behave in a way that creates the feeling of attraction in women, and you avoid the behaviors that kill it. It really is that simple. Ofcourse you have to know which behaviors to engage in, and which to avoid—but I’m going to be sharing those with you in the coming days. Now, I want to bring up a point here. You might be saying, hey that all sounds great, but I don’t want to change who I am. I don’t want to have to be someone I’m not in order to attract women. Guess what? You don’t. In fact, if you try to change who you are, women will pickup on the in congruity, and in congruity kills attraction—remember, male behavior creates female behavior. What you have to do is to simply make a few subtle changes in your behavior around women, amplifying your attractive qualities, and suppressing your unattractive qualities. You do not have to change who you are.
When you start doing this, you will be amazed at the results. Astounded. Women will treat you completely differently than they have in the past. You will start to see the power you really have as a man. And when you start to fully understand and utilize that power, women will lineup to be with you. Why? Because today’s men are clueless about women. Not only that, they’ve all been taught the wrong thing. The behaviors they’re taught that create attraction actually kill it. And they get frustrated and bitter, because they keep doing what’s supposed to work, only to continually fail over and over. So they question themselves. And they question women. And they windup lonely, embittered and unloved. Or worse, they settle for the woman who just showed up, not the one they really wanted—and both of them suffer.
But when you truly understand and implement what I call the one big secret—male behavior creates female behavior—you’ll be the rare man women dream about, and I mean dream about. You’ll be like a narcotic to them, someone they cannot resist under any circumstance. And this gives you the power to create the life you want. Yes, you can have lots of fun adventures with fun women—and you will be amazed how many women just want to do that without the hassle of a relationship. More importantly though, you can deliberately attract the woman you truly want, make her feel the way she wants to feel, and keep her in your life forever—without heart break, turmoil, or emotional distress. How man men can say that, much less do it? Very few. This allows you to actually have what everyone wants, but very, very few actually experience—a happy, healthy, fulfilling relationship with a woman who loves and adores you more everyday because you know how to behave in a manner that sustains her feelings of attraction. What you will discover is, creating initial attraction is easy. Sustaining it is the real skill. BUT, when you know the one big secret, you’re able to keep the woman in your life ecstatically happy based on your deliberately attractive behavior.
Stavros A (DJ Gosh Fire)  Article Writer (Sex & Relationships, Health, Fitness, Music Marketing)
Category: My articles | Added by: DJGoshFire (2012-08-06) | Author: DJ Gosh Fire E W
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