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You see, what most men don’t understand is this: attraction is a learnable skill, not something that "just happens.” Just like driving a car, or riding a bike, it is a learnable, predictable skill, not something a few lucky men are born with. In fact, just about every man already possesses "natural attraction,” but has had this "natural attraction” deprogrammed by society and today’s culture. Reprogramming your existing natural attraction is simply a skill you can learn, nothing mysterious and nothing fancy.
Moreover, this skill has little to do with looks, age or income, and everything to do with attractive male behavior. Master this behavior, and you will have the ability to attract desirable women on demand, wherever you go, no matter your current looks, age, income or social status. Once you "Get” the skill of attraction your whole life changes.I’m a guy who genuinely likes women, and wants to make them feel the incredible things in their minds and bodies, things they dream about. Did you know that women are approximately TEN TIMES as good at reading body language and picking up on non-verbal signs than us men? I bet that you know if you are a lady but in terms of guys most of the men don’t have a clue about that. And just as dogs and bees can smell fear, a woman can tell if you’re gonna be good in bed within just minutes of meeting you. Have you ever heard that saying, "A woman decides within 30 seconds of meeting a man whether or not she’s going to sleep with him?” THIS is what that saying is all about.

Women LOVE sex… maybe even more than us men! I mean, think about how loud they scream when they are getting it good! It’s a fact: Women LOVE sex, and want it as badly as us men! But there is one big difference…Women ONLY Want Good Sex! A woman only wants to have sex with a guy she knows is gonna be good in bed! If a guy doesn’t know EXACTLY how to get a girl off, she’s not gonna have an orgasm. So… being with a guy who can’t give her an orgasm is just a big TEASE for her! A girl only wants to sleep with a guy who knows how to make her climax
Stavros A (DJ Gosh Fire) Article Writer (Sex & Relationships, Health, Fitness, Music Marketing)


Category: My articles | Added by: DJGoshFire (2012-08-07) | Author: DJ Gosh Fire E W
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