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Dear Beat Seller,
Are you Struggling with LOW beat sales? Are you having a hard time finding Beat Buyers? Maybe you are just tired of being Out Sold by Mediocre Beat Makers and Music Producers when you know your beats are better? If this is you; then you need to read this entire letter Here's the Reason WHY... If you don't get the full details that are offered to you on this page, you could just be wasting your time on the Internet. The last thing you would want to do is find out 10 years from now you could have Sold More Beats and made WAY MORE MONEY if you would have simply followed easy instructions years ago. Lots of people struggle because they always wait until the last minute to fix their problems ...and as a result they suffer... I'm going to get straight to the point because I don't want to waste your time... 
1) YES You are tired of being BROKE and you seriously need a system to follow that will help you increase your Beat Sales!
2) You hate the fact that other Music Producers have horrible beats, but sell way more than you on the Internet.
3) You want to learn how you can increase your beat sales without spending lots of money to do it.
4) You need help with making money and you seriously need a mentor to show you the way so you will not have to struggle with your beat sales.
5) You need help setting up your own website and you are not getting the help you need to launch your website in 7 days or less.
6) You feel there is more out there to help you improve on the number of beats you are able to sell every month.
If you can identify with any of the statements above, then I highly recommend you keep reading as this site will change the way you see what you can do for yourself and your BEAT SALES--- I GUARANTEE YOU
Problem #1 - You don't know how to market YOUR Beats online 
This is a major problem for you when you don't know how to market your beats. You sit back and watch everyone else's beat sales go up and you can't figure out what secret they are using. Your beats are just as good and you spend just as much time promoting as they do. However, You can't seem to get the sales they get. Your only problem here is you didn't get the secrets they continually use to out sell you.
Problem #2 - You don't know how to build a large clientele for yourself
This problem is the worst. You get lots of page views and your beats get lots of plays, however they never result in sales. You know for a fact 100's and even 1000's of people listened to your beats. What is your problem? The problem is you failed to used the #1 technique that top beat sellers use to build a MASSIVE clientele. Once I share this one TIP with you, you will never have a problem with building your own large customer base ever again.
Problem #3 - The biggest Problem of all - you don't know how to take advantage of FREE resources.
You don't know how to take advantage of the FREE Resources that will grow your sales overnight! You think that you have to pay big money on advertising to be successful. WRONG! So you let all the FREE resources that can put CASH MONEY in your pocket pass you by. You will literately never make it without taking advantage of the proven FREE resources you can use instantly to increase your sales!
So this is how it goes..... This is where I show you EXACTLY what you need to do
to sell more BEATS like CRAZY on the Internet... But first I will like you this two things:
1) Buy now one exclusive right beat of mine now or two non-exclusive right beats (lease) now
2) And Each email that you receive that will have sharecash links in it click on them fill the short surveys and so that you will be getting your free beats as well..
So if you follow this two steps then I will send to my buyers emails and tips and a free 40 minute online video, exactly how to sell more beats like crazy on the internet.....So hurry now before this information gets exposed....  
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